The reaction of the twins to the singing of the mother touched the Internet (video)

The woman simply sang a lullaby to her twins. The touching reaction of the kids conquered the Network. The video has already received over one million views.

Modern technologies and gadgets make life easier for us, but not a single song from a smartphone can be compared with a mother’s lullaby. Now it is rare to meet a young mother who will sing to the baby herself. Since it is easier to find a song on the Internet, turn it on for a child, and go about your own business. Of course, there are pluses, but no one has canceled the minuses.

The lullaby was invented not only to make the child fall asleep sooner. Through the voice, an emotional connection with the baby is established. After all, a newborn really needs to hear his native voice or singing in order to feel safe and loved.

Look at these wonderful twins with their mother singing a lullaby. The reaction of the kids touched and conquered the network. One of them even tried to sing along. The video has already received over 1 million views and thousands of comments.

We offer you to enjoy the singing of not only women but also the twins themselves


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