“The reason is you.” Husband left his wife but was surprised to meet her after 5 years

Today I want to share with you a story from the life of my friend. Ksenia married at the age of 18 for her classmate.

My friend’s parents were against the poor son-in-law from the outback, but Ksyusha knew how to insist on her own.

I remember how a friend left the house with one suitcase, slamming the door. By the way, the newly-made family lived extremely poorly. When the first daughter of Ksyusha and Sasha was born, the friend’s parents took pity on the young and sheltered them under their roof. It took Sasha 5 years to get on his feet and get a good position.

Ksyusha completely dissolved in the chosen one. My friend left the university after the birth of her second child, and launched herself, turning into an ordinary housewife. I was surprised when one day I saw on my doorstep a plump mother of many children with greasy hair and eyes red from tears. Ksyusha said that Sasha left her for a new employee. “He said that the reason is me, can you imagine? He says, they say, you have grown fat, I don’t recognize in you the former Ksyusha, whom I fell in love with, ”my friend sobbed.

I instantly dialed the number of a friend who promised me to get a friend a job. Fortunately, Ksenia was fluent in English. “But what about the children?” asked a friend, looking at me with rounded eyes. “I think Irina Anatolyevna will agree to look after her grandchildren,” I muttered, sorting through my old things. “Put this on, it’s sickening to look at your hoodie,” I curled, drawing in the living room. “I won’t fit in,” Ksyusha fidgeted on the sofa. “It’s decided, let’s go to the gym with you. I was just about to sign up for the winter,” I said solemnly. “And don’t worry about the pay. Then you will give it back, ”I said, heading to the kitchen.

I didn’t let Xenia utter a word. I think that my childhood friend was not very upset, because she lived in a silent state for more than 19 years. You are probably wondering how this story ended. Ksenia got a job with my friend. By the way, Vadim was completely delighted with the new employee. Despite the fact that Ksyusha never received higher education, her friend was fluent in a foreign language, studied quickly, and did not shy away from work. By the way, my friend managed to lose as much as 15 kg in a couple of months.

In the transformed, busy woman, it was difficult to recognize the little slut that appeared before me on the threshold of my apartment. By the way, Vadim could not resist the charm of the prettier Xenia and proposed to her. A 37-year-old mother of three children jumped out to marry a promising man who is also 5 years younger than Ksyusha. “But what about the ex-husband?”, You ask. Once Ksenia met Sasha in the parking lot and parked next to the office.”Ksyusha? And I think, are you or not you? ”Said the dumbfounded Alexander. Judging by the reaction of the man, it was obvious that he did not immediately recognize his ex-wife when faced with the prettier Xenia. “Ksyusha, you are so prettier. Maybe a cup of coffee?” Sasha asked, looking at my friend with the eyes of a naughty cat. “Sorry, Sasha, my husband is waiting for me,” Ksenia answered, heading towards the office.

P.S. I think my friend’s story will motivate you girls. Remember, it’s never too late to change anything.

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