The rescued cat was so thin and dehydrated, that the volunteers were even afraid to touch him…

It turned out that even the pictures were insufficient to convey the severity of this cat’s condition. Sadly, we are unable to consider placing this cat with a family at this time, but we are hopeful that the time will come soon. 

The cat was saved, and after that, he was taken to the vet. 

Even though the volunteers had viewed the photographs prior to saving him, it turned out that they had not accurately captured his true state. 

The problem was that the cat was in worse shape. Uncertain of how long the cat went without food and water in the street, he now suffers from a number of health issues, including dehydration. Because of the cat’s extreme malnutrition, even touching it could be painful. 

He has lost all of his body fat and muscle. He has a skeleton-like appearance. He’s been so long without food that his body has actually begun to feed itself. The vets must now wait until the cat puts on weight and the veins connect to the body before they can begin treating him.

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