The rescued dog due to her adorable ears was named Spira

Spira seems to be aware of how beautiful and attractive she is.

Jennifer became aware of the left puppy circumstance. The volunteer expected that all of the puppies would be cute, therefore she had no clue that she would observe something different.

She was amazed by the puppies’ big, pointed ears!

All animals have large, pointy ears. Jennifer had never seen a puppy prior to SpiraI, whose baby’s inward curls resembled SpiraI’s.

As the two volunteers wrote about SpiraI, tens of thousands of people praised the strange dog on Facebook.

Even her ear structure has been compared to a 1950s-era hairstyle. Because of SpiraI’s odd look, all of the puppies received a lot of attention, and their owners were easy to find.

They were seized by Jennifer, who drove them right away to the vet. The kitties will be prepared to meet their owners in a few weeks!

Spira acts like a true celebrity because she has an awareness of her own attractiveness and beauty. Her quirks and look, however, made it easier to track the owners.

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