The service dog who used to be too shy from everyone became very friendly after meeting his BFF (video)

This is perhaps one of the sweetest duos we ever met.

When it comes to service dogs, they have a reputation for being well-trained and possessing a strong sense of responsibility.

They have different areas of expertise, thus they frequently overlook even a small amount of enjoyment.

This also applied to Samson, a Golden Retriever who was an excellent assistance dog but also a very timid dog.

In this existence, he was solely aware of one single purpose: to really assist others.

Along with all of that, he also shied away from other dogs a lot.

He frequently remained in a corner and refrained from playing with other dogs.

He really wanted to play with them, but he never had the confidence to do so.

He felt incredibly restrained. Because of his dog’s poor health, Samson’s owner decided to bring home a little child to play with Samson.

He didn’t initially have big hopes for Samson, but what transpired really astounded him. The dog became really delighted upon discovering the kitten.

Simply said, it was a wise choice, and Samson was obviously extremely appreciative to his owner for it.

The cat’s name was Cleo. When he got home from work, the friendly dog played with him nonstop.

His life was drastically altered by his encounter with Cleo. Together, they felt wonderful.

When they were traveling together, their owner had the cat tethered closely to Samson’s back to prevent the kitten from falling.

The dog has always wished to participate in all activities with the cat.

We may have never met a sweeter couple than this one.

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