The skinned street cat turned into an incredibly handsome cat

A caring resident of the village of Kambarka noticed a very skinny, sad, and dirty cat that wandered between the houses. He didn’t look good, was trembling all over, and was glad of any food offered to him. The girl did not leave a lonely and sick animal in trouble.

She contacted Anastasia, a volunteer from Izhevsk, who agreed to adopt the kitten. He was glad at least that he was warm and full, therefore he quite calmly survived the long journey.

Anastasia named her ward Barsik and showed him to the veterinarians. Apparently, the kitten wandered around the gardens from birth. During this time, he managed to earn a viral infection, lichen, and a serious degree of exhaustion. Fortunately, with proper treatment, all these problems can be overcome.

Despite the untidy appearance, they felt a certain potential in Barsik: with proper care, he promised to turn into a stately and beautiful cat. Upon examination, it turned out that he seemed like a kitten only because of his modest size and excessive thinness – in fact, he was 1 year old when he was found.

Barsik lived at home overexposure, changed day by day, and became more and more affectionate. He did not leave the person a single step, constantly demanded affection and attention, murmured, as soon as you took him in your arms.

A month after his move to Izhevsk, it became clear that Barsik was completely healthy. A young and affectionate cat began to search for worthy owners who could always find a free minute for his strokes.

Soon it happened! Barsik went to a reliable family, where he quickly got used to everything, fluffed up, and became a real house cat – imposing and regal. And Anastasia then published his happy story in the group of the 4 Paws Animal Assistance Fund on the social network.

Look how Barsik has changed! Who would have thought that such a chic fluffy gentleman is hiding behind a skinny and dirty cat?

It was possible to arrange the fate of Barsik only thanks to the collective help of caring people. May they serve as an example of humanity and kindness for all of us!

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