The smallest horse in the world, after being abandoned, found a lifelong home in San Diego with three canine companions (video)

Due to his diminutive stature, the world’s tiniest horse was abandoned by his mother; nevertheless, he now resides in San Diego with a pony trainer and three dogs. 

Peabody’s mother declined to nurse him because of his small stature. The six-week-old child was considerably smaller than a typical dog. He was even lighter than the typical pony at around 20 pounds. 

According to his owner, he was the world’s smallest horse of his age. 

Together with his three siblings, he lives indoors like a pet. 

It was suggested to his prior owner to put him to sleep because he wouldn’t live without the mother’s care. Smith, though, was able to save his life.

When Smith initially went to take the Peabody home, he rented a van. 

The owner had faith in his ability to overcome his health issues, including the possibility of going blind and deaf as well as the possibility of never walking again. 

Fortunately, his voyage was successful in the end. He can now see and walk. His jaw has straightened, and his head is of average size. 

His deafness had never diminished the quality of his existence.

 He frequently engages in doggie play in the garden. He is content and secure.


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