The story of Apollo will give you more motivation to fight animal abuse

Apollo’s story will give you more motivation to go against animal abuse… By Apollo.

This tragic and painful tale was shared on Facebook by No Somos Perros Aggressivos, and it caused a lot of outrage and helplessness among all of his followers because of the remarks that followed:

Let’s discuss Apollo’s history, shall we? Apollo was raised by a family, developed into a puppy, and eventually became the family’s newborn. Apollo was kidnapped from his backyard on Thursday, August 31, at 10:00 a.m. Apollo was persuaded with bread delivered in a decent way because he is a docile and kind little face. The owners searched the area after realizing that the door had been breached and discovered a mess with many pm automobiles.

The barbarism’s gist is as follows: Apollo had many injuries to his body from various things, including a hammer and a broom handle.

The attacker is still being held at the site, but he will likely be freed after his trial and make restitution through social action. Apollo already required surgery, had several injuries throughout his body, lost a lot of blood, and was violated by the insertion of the broom handle into his anus.

Apollo is now doing well and healing; perhaps the trauma will have some aftereffects, but what about justice? The racists who advocate for the eradication of pit bulls are nowhere to be seen. Humans are the only race that ought to be extinct.

We need to advocate for stricter regulations and sanctions, and if someone claims that pit bulls are deadly, we need to show them the Apollo and several other stories to demonstrate just how harmful people can be. The devil would be the man in a religion founded by a dog.

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