The story of Labrador Daiko, who, not knowing the rest, rescued people under the rubble

He gave his life on a military post, saving people!

In April 2016, a powerful earthquake struck Ecuador, killing 600 people. Thousands of houses and buildings were destroyed, and many people were buried under the rubble. The Pedernales area suffered the most then, into which the main forces of rescuers who arrived from different regions of the country were thrown. Among them was the search and rescue department of the fire service of the city of Ibarra. Along with the professionals, the dogs also came to do their duty.

A Labrador named Daiko, along with three other dogs worked in this unit. The task of the dogs is to search for people under the rubble. Thanks to their sense of smell, they detect a person by smell.

The Labrador served in this department for more than three years and was the best search dog. He was repeatedly awarded various awards and diplomas. Thanks to Daiko, a group of French tourists lost in Imbabura was rescued.

Arriving this time at the site of the rubble, the dog, like the rescuers, worked without sleep, food, and water for several days. It was unbearably hot outside, making the search even worse. Daiko was able to save seven people during these days.

But after the completion of the search work, the dog suddenly fell. Everyone rushed to him, and immediately connected the droppers, but it was too late. The dog died of dehydration before reaching the veterinary clinic.

It turns out that during these days the dog was not even poured water, she ran tirelessly in the heat, and no one remembered her. Everyone was busy saving people, the poet simply forgot about the animal. Rescue dogs are trained in such a way that without sleep and food they can search for people all day long. And in this situation, the heat was added, which aggravated the condition of the dog.

Daiko was buried in the area adjacent to the fire station in his hometown.

The farewell was attended by all the employees of the unit, dog handlers, as well as Daiko’s brothers.

The entire composition with a heavy heart said goodbye to the dog because in just over three years he had become a close friend and faithful comrade for everyone. Daiko was the best rescue dog in Ibarra, and he also had a friendly disposition and kind look. It was impossible not to love him. He gave his life on a military post, saving people!

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