“The strongest baby in the world”: the baby learned to hold her head at the hospital, and to stand at 8 weeks

All parents want their children to be the best, but sometimes kids themselves surprise the whole world, moreover, already from birth.

Lulu Finn-Johnston was barely eight weeks old, and she already knew how to stand, confidently holding on to strong legs, and held her head literally five days after birth, surprising doctors with this ability even before her discharge.

Interestingly, the girl was born weighing only 2.5 kilograms.

She also refused to crawl, moved a little when her father lowered her to the floor, and then stood up.

Her parents, thirty-one-year-old Tezra Finn-Johnston and twenty-three-year-old Emily Derrick did not possess such abilities.

– Probably, in our daughter, the genes of our distant ancestors were revived, which were more powerful than modern people. Of course, we cannot advise other parents on how to have such a child. For us, this is a big surprise and a miracle.

The girl Lulu is recognized as the strongest child in the world, which is documented and certified by many researchers.

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