The student desired to live apart from his parents and constructed a small cottage on wheels for himself (video)

When our children reach adulthood, they strive for independence: they go shopping on their own, take vacations on their own, and even prefer to live separately. But, unfortunately, not everyone can afford the ultimate luxury. This is also difficult in the United Kingdom, where housing is extremely expensive.

A 17-year-old student believes that if you are smart, you can build your own house and invest less money in it. And, yes, he did it. 

When the guy graduated from high school, he went to study and always wanted to have his own housing, but in the United Kingdom, even a low-income student cannot afford to rent a room. He discovered materials where Australian students built a motor house while researching the information. All of this inspired the young man so much that he decided to carry out his own project. 

As it turned out, there are numerous similar instructions available on the Internet. 

The frame was salvaged from an old trailer, and the rest of the structure was built with recycled and reclaimed materials. Tom had previously completed an internship in construction, and the knowledge he gained was extremely useful to him now. He easily designed the interior space of the cottage. 

Another significant benefit of working part-time in construction was that he could pick up leftover materials for free. The interior was constructed from re-sanded old boards. 

This tiny house has two levels. The first is a living room with a comfortable sofa and a multimedia system, followed by a small kitchen with furniture partially made by the guy, a shower, and a toilet. 

The house turned out to be very bright and visually spacious thanks to the glass doors and a large window. 

A bedroom with a dormer window is located on the second tier. 

Tom spent three years and approximately $8,000 to build such a mobile cottage. The student was pleased with the outcome; he received what he desired: personal housing with a fully equipped recreation area in front of him.


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