The super adorable calf born on the Valentine’s day, got a very special sign on his forehead

He was born on February 14, a day set aside to honor love, which was the most remarkable truth.

The calf was unique because of a birthmark in the form of a heart that was on its forehead.

Everyone was ecstatic to see the newborn. It was a genuine feeling, and it had never happened before on the farm.

With its distinctive look, the baby has already won over many hearts, and as news of its birth spread, many people gathered to see a small miracle.

The special young guy quickly rose to fame thanks to his peculiar mark, which gave him a faultless look.

He is currently contentedly residing in the company of those who adore him. Visitors to his home confirmed that it was a genuine Valentine’s card.

The farm’s proprietor, farmer McAuley, wanted to give the infant a unique name that would fit him well.

The boys were so fascinated by the calf that he decided to invite them to name it, but they instead chose to play with the tiny baby instead. He is really thoughtful and wise.

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