The super intelligent dog came to the store to buy his favorite cookies in a very unusual way

Even when it appears as though we already know everything there is to know about dogs, these creatures continue to amaze us in unexpected ways.

More intelligent than we can really fathom, they are. They don’t take long to get to know individuals and comprehend conduct.

Most of them can mimic us after only a short period of time, including our speech and facial expressions.

In Colombia, a black lab chose to pay for his favorite cookies with tree leaves.

Children from a local school are feeding and caring for this adorable dog despite the fact that he has no owner.

The dog, who had established a home there over the years, saw one day that the youngsters entering the store paid for food, so he took the decision to do the same.

He took a leaf off the tree and set it on the shop counter. The staff was aware of the goal, of course.

The dog’s sweet gesture impressed them so much that they immediately accepted his money and gave him his preferred treats.

He will go on in their memories as their most unique client since it was such a beautiful and adorable sight.

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