The sweet dog is ready to give his all support to his brother teaching him how to walk

They support each other in every matter.

Mateou is a lovely dog who is showing people around how to comfortably walk with prostheses. He had not even been alive a month when a decent man discovered him by the side of the road. He and his sister were there when it was discovered that one of his paws was gone.

He was transferred swiftly by the rescuers to a skilled foster family where Veronica Pinsht started taking care of him. Of course, caring for a dog with special needs is not always simple, but she was prepared to accept full responsibility for the adorable canine. She already had two dogs at home, but this had no bearing on her choice.

She was willing to do everything for the puppy since it was like falling in love at first sight. The dog and his new brother hit it up right away and were soon having a blast. While playing a variety of games together, the adorable pals enjoy showing each other new techniques.

The other dog was then shown how to grip Mateou’s leash in his jaws and walk beside him by Pinsht. They are extremely kind and considerate of one another. They stand by one another in every situation and enjoy taking their mum on trips around Europe.

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