The sweet dog takes care of his blind friend doing everything for him to make him feel calm (video)

They are so sweet.

Due to his total blindness, it might be challenging for this dog to find his food at times. He is terrified of loud noises since he cannot see. He is really fortunate to have a buddy that cares deeply about him and is always there for him.

The story centers on Toby, a nine-year-old dog. He is simply the kindest and most helpful dog in the entire world, helping his blind pal with everything. He serves as a living example of how devoted and sociable dogs can be. Amos was the name Jess Martin gave to the blind dog he got from an orphanage years ago.

When he first met Toby, it seemed as though an illogical bond had been created between them. He immediately took on the role of a guide for his blind companion, keeping an eye on and directing him at every turn. He experienced everything and realized that his pal was unable to manage on his own.

Due to his blindness at birth, the poor puppy went unadopted for a very long time until being discovered by the most loving family. Every day they go on a stroll, and his “guide” walks beside Amos the entire time. They are very adorable.

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