The sweetest dachshund waiting for his breakfast is all of us in the morning

Starting on the right side of a kitchen counter, the movie moves gently to the left. A dog is sitting on the counter, while a woman is hurriedly tapping away on her phone.

What is he looking at? The camera pans a bit farther and we can finally see what the first dog is staring at. A very active Dachshund, that one.

The song “I am waiting at the counter” is playing while this little Dachshund waits for her first meal of the day.

We suppose she would claim she is not impatient if you could ask her. Just really tardy. On top of that, breakfast was scheduled to be served 10 minutes early.

She must start her day immediately. She won’t necessarily receive her meal promptly just because she is at the counter.

She has to compete with another canine friend who is also made to wait. What is her approach?

She will wave her paws up and down to attempt to urge her mother to feed her more quickly. It’s cute, even though it might not be the best plan of action!

If you watch closely, there is more cuteness in this video than just the adorable Dachshund attempting to obtain quick service. Focus more on the other canine at the counter.

You can observe the dog’s quiet assessment of the Dachshund as it turns to look at the somewhat larger dog.

This video is a perfect example of the two types of morning people: those that are eager to leave and those who just want to go back to bed! Who precisely are you?

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