“The Taming of the Shrew”: what 64-year-old Ornella Mutti looks like today

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The beautiful O. Muti became an insanely popular and sought-after actress after the release of the legendary film The Taming of the Shrew.

This wonderful woman has incredible beauty, which Nature itself has awarded her.

In her youth, Ornella won the hearts of millions of men and was their idol and dream. Today she is already 64 years old, but she is still beautiful and desirable.

She is admired by many. The actress somehow “magically” managed to keep the charm, charm, and charisma, which could not go unnoticed.

A charming smile, expressive eyes, and chic forms of Ornella are crazy.

The actress has repeatedly admitted that she carefully monitors her diet. She has long given up junk food and alcohol. Here is the secret of her slimness and youth!

According to Muti, a woman can be beautiful at any age. You just have to love yourself and take care of yourself!

She looks flawless, doesn’t she?

Do you love this actress?

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