The task that quarreled everyone in the parent chat

My friend’s son is in elementary school. It happens that you relax in the evening, not suspecting anything, and then an indignant girlfriend calls. “Just  listen to what tasks they give to children!” And then follows a long tirade that someone develops textbooks for children in a drunken stupor. Sometimes I do agree with this. But recently a friend called with another task. It was quite an interesting task for ingenuity. That’s why I want to share it with you. Can you cope with the task that is given to children in elementary school? Here we will check.

A task of ingenuity

A friend immediately discussed the problem in the parent chat. Many, like her, were outraged. They felt that the children clearly can not do this. It turned out that some adults did too. So, let’s get down to business already. Look at the picture at the very top. We have three geometric shapes: circle, triangle, and square. They allegedly have a weight, which is given in all sorts of variations. The weight of the circle and square is 10 kg, the weight of the circle and triangle is 20 kg, and the weight of the triangle and square is 24 kg.

The aim is to calculate the total weight of the circle, square, and triangle. Think well. You can even solve the task in your mind, but you can also simplify your task and make simple calculations on paper. The correct answer will be revealed at the end of the article. Scroll on if you want to test yourself.

The correct answer to the problem

The circle, triangle, and square together weigh 27 kg. How to get this value? As I said, you can quickly figure everything out in your mind, assuming different options for the numerical values of the figures. But still, it will be much faster to approach the decision from the rational side.

So, let’s add all the figures together 10 + 20 + 24 = 54. We have 2 circles, 2 squares and 2 triangles: 2 (circle + square + triangle) = 54. To find out the sum in brackets, divide 54 by 2 . We get 27. Turns out, everything was very simple.


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