The tiny kitten was given a new lease on life

A neonatologist veterinarian is a relatively unknown profession. These veterinarians look after small newborn animals who have been abandoned by their mothers for various reasons. Of course, they cannot survive on their own. And in order to survive with the help of people, they need great luck and responsible care. It was in this situation that a cat named Savage found herself.

Meet the cute kitten. Here she looks much better than at the beginning of her journey.

At first, she looked like a small, squeaky lump of no idea what – all skinny and ugly.

She was lucky, she got to Sarah Tideman and she was immediately placed under supervision and intensive care was prescribed. At first, she had to be fed through a tube, but after a couple of days, she began to eat from a bottle. And besides that, Savage immediately figured out how to hold the bottle until the very end of her meal.

The cat had a sister, whom Sarah also fed every two hours with a mixture of all the useful substances. The cats woke up with an excellent appetite, and they began to gain weight and develop.

It’s incredible how it looked at first.


You can congratulate the Savage because she has finally gone!

She is one of those who was born into a difficult situation, but she was fortunate to have such wonderful people in her life.

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