The tiny puppy got lost and was waiting to be rescued.

It was strange to see a dog in this place. It is evident that the animal ended up here not of its own free will. The man called the animal shelter and reported the find. Volunteer girls immediately left to search for the dog. When they saw piles of bricks lying everywhere, they were upset. On such a vast territory, littered with building materials, it will be difficult to find an animal, especially if it is small in stature.

Rescuers spent several hours searching for the dog but to no avail. The women had already begun to lose all hope when suddenly they heard a dog barking.

Volunteers went to the sound and noticed a small puppy in the recess between the bricks. The kid was taken out and immediately poured water for him, he attacked her with such greed and could not get drunk for a long time. After the inspection, it turned out that a funny girl, who was named Jade, was in the hands of the rescuers.

As the volunteers managed to find out, the truck driver lost the puppy in the quarry. He got the baby from a local farmer.

But when Jade was found, and her owner was informed about this, he never came to pick her up. The conclusion suggests itself.

While the baby lives in a shelter. Soon someone will want to take such a charming dog for himself. We wish Jade that this moment will come soon!

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