The twins, who weighed 590 and 535 pounds when they were born, are now two years old! What have they become?

Jenny and Rich Powell of the United Kingdom did not have children for a long time, and they wished for a large family, but their wish did not come true for another 11 years. Jenny became pregnant with twins after the couple decided to undergo IVF treatment in 2018. For the Powells, this was pure joy; they couldn’t wait to meet their children!

Later, the doctors informed the couple that the children might be born a little earlier than expected, and the couple had to adjust to the arrangement of the children’s room. 

Jenny was already 6 months old when the couple decided to take a vacation to the coast of Cornwall, believing that the babies would be born in 2-2.5 months, but fate had other plans. The woman was already on vacation when she became ill, and her husband drove her to the nearest clinic. After the examination, the doctors insisted that Jenny be taken to an Oxford clinic right away, but the 300-kilometer journey was terrifying. Local authorities convened a meeting, and a Coast Guard helicopter arrived a few minutes later. After 75 minutes, the woman was in the hands of specialists, and the next day she became a mother.

The twins Ruben and Jenson were born in the 23rd week of pregnancy, weighing no more than 600 grams (590 and 535 grams, respectively), and there were no such cases in British history where everything would have ended happily.

The doctors couldn’t make any predictions, but the kids were growing and developing slowly, so one month passed.

The Powell family stayed in the clinic for six months before returning home safely. The truth is that the boys gained weight slowly and their health was unstable throughout this time period. Everything returned to normal only six months later. The entire family celebrated their release from the hospital.

Ruben and Jenson have already caught up with their peers in development at the age of one, and employees from the Coast Guard helicopter brigade and the Oxford clinic came to congratulate the kids on their first holiday.

The twins are two years old now. It’s difficult to believe that they used to weigh no more than 600 grams.

We wish this wonderful family happiness, health, and all the best!

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