The unexpected reaction of the twins to the command of the mother (video)

What a joy it is to give birth to a child, and even more, joy is the birth of two charming children at once. Of course, this is only the positive side of such family happiness. But there are also tough moments in this.

Those who bring up one child complain all day that there is no time to breathe or sleep, that they are always busy and very tired. Can you imagine how difficult it is to look after two children at once? One screams while you calm him down, and another starts. One does not want to sleep, is naughty, and his friend joins him. And so constantly. Measures will have to be taken to control their behavior somehow. And this is very difficult.

But this mother did not expect such a reaction from her children. She wanted, as always, to make them sleep, but it turned out that everything would be unexpected …

Do you want to understand what is at stake? Then watch this excellent video!


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