The waitress served a homeless man, and then found out that it was the owner of the restaurant

How often do passers-by walk past homeless people and beggars, pretending they don’t exist? As a rule, such people are practically invisible to society, and even to us. Moreover, behavior that is different from what we are used to causing sincere surprise among others.

A waitress at a Texas restaurant named Maria has fallen out of her habit—even though the restaurant’s rules forbid employees from feeding the homeless and she had to pay for the food out of her own pocket.

One fine day, a homeless man appeared on the threshold of the restaurant – casually dressed and dirty. It could be assumed that he had not washed for a long time. With difficulty reaching the table, he sat down, but no one came up to serve him. Other patrons began to move to tables farther away.

Maria addressed him politely, just as she would have done with any other guest. After introducing herself, she took the order and brought food. Both guests and other employees of the restaurant watched in surprise. The manager reminded Maria that if the guest had no money, she would have to pay for it herself. She agreed.

The unusual guest finished his meal, asked for the bill, and paid for it. And he didn’t just pay but left a hundred-dollar bill under the plate – for tea.No one could have imagined that he would have such money. But even more surprising was a note expressing gratitude for the kindness shown by Mary in relation to another person. “You have found the secret of happiness. Kindness will continue to guide you along the path of life,” the guest wrote.

What’s the matter? This homeless man turned out to be the owner of the restaurant, who dressed up in such a way to appreciate the quality of service and dishes in his establishment.

It could hardly have occurred to anyone, and Maria demonstrated that any person, whoever he may be, should be treated with the greatest possible respect.

After these events, Maria was transferred to the position of manager, and many more amazing changes took place in her life.

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