“The way to rejuvenate!”: what is wrong with Brigitte Macron and why the image of the first lady of France is so unfortunate

When Brigitte Macron became the first lady of France, a wave of indignation swept perhaps the whole world. Of course, many would like to see a sophisticated and young beauty, next to the new president. Indeed, in fact, they are the face of the country, representing France in the international arena.

But in the end, the images of Mrs. Macron cause only disappointed sighs, and a desire to close your eyes and stop seeing these ridiculous outfits. However, most of the images are selected by stylists, and one can only guess why they disliked her so much. It’s hard not to notice such blatant errors.

Brigitte Macron is the owner of small stature, however, she almost always prefers the mini length. But this visually crushes her figure, making her disproportionate. And at her age, you should choose something solid and elegant.

Shiny fabrics put a lot of emphasis on the face, highlighting wrinkles. Which doesn’t make the first lady look better.

Nude colors look noble, however, in combination with Brigitte’s warm appearance, they do not play into her hands. It turns into a shapeless blur.

By the appearance of the first lady, it is noticeable that she is a big fan of the solarium. Sunburn very brightly outlines wrinkles, giving the face more years.

Brigitte Macron has a short neck, and due to excessive thinness, her figure does not look proportional. In this case, she should completely forget about the collars and scarves that she loves so much.

The hairstyle of the first lady of France is extremely unfortunate. The haircut focuses on the neck, which Brigitte should avoid. Light buns and collected hair are much more suitable for her.

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