The weak kitten was happy when he was helped

This baby with a problem eye was picked up on the streets of Chicago and brought to one of the local shelters. He was completely covered in fleas, but despite all the difficulties, he remained strong and full of gratitude.

This homeless baby with problematic eyes was brought to one of the shelters in Chicago, USA. In addition, the cat was in a sad state and completely covered with fleas. The kitten was weakening before their eyes and needed urgent help.

The One Tail at a Time Rescue Center took him in. Despite all the difficulties, the cat was very grateful, asked for affection, and purred. He immediately began to play when he was brought to overexposure, not paying attention to ailments.

The family of a volunteer named Brandy immediately began saving the kitten’s eye. They did all the necessary procedures, fed him by the hour, and gave him medicines. The kitten got the name Shrimp and steadfastly endured everything.

Within a few days, the cat recovered noticeably. He had a great appetite and a lot of energy, and every day he surprised everyone around him with his courage.

Shrimp was a very gentle boy. He often asked for attention, and even learned to climb on the shoulders of the household, asking for affection directly. Soon his eye healed, and the kitten continued to explore everything around with even more energy.

After a while, when the baby is fully restored, they will start looking for loving owners for him. Be happy Shrimp!

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