The whole stadium screamed with joy when the cat was rescued

Sometimes miracles happen out of the blue in front of a whole crowd of people. But if not for a couple of smart people, a miracle could easily turn into a tragedy, he notes. It’s about rescuing a falling cat at Hard Rock Stadium the day before.

No one knows how the cat got into the stadium and how he ended up behind the fence.

The hanging cat instantly attracted everyone’s attention, but all attempts to reach him were in vain. As the deputy director of the stadium later noted, the screams and fuss only frightened the animal even more and deprived him of the chances of self-rescue.

And at some point, the cat broke.

The height is decent, and the chances of survival are not so high.

But luckily for the cat and the fans, Craig and Kimberly Kroemer were on the lower level. The couple has a season ticket, goes to all the games, and always carries a large US flag with them. When Craig saw the cat, he unhooked the flag from the pole and stretched it out like a life sheet with his wife. Which saved the caudate.

Video of how it was.


So many screams – as if a goal was scored.


According to the vets, everything is fine with the cat. Fans are also happy – such moments are much more interesting than the game.

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