The woman could not contain her emotions when she received a call from the shelter

Miracles happen – if we believe in them. Recently, a resident of England experienced this for herself. She received a call from the shelter and asked if she had a cat named Tilly. She couldn’t believe it, because the cat went missing 17 years ago.

A Briton named Kim Collier lost her beloved cat, Tilly, back in 2004. This happened after moving to the city of Midlothian, and the pet seemed to have fallen through the ground. She could not be found anywhere, although the owner made every effort and posted ads for several years. At the moment, 17 years have passed, but in the heart of a woman, love for Tilly has not subsided.

However, last week a miracle happened – a woman received a call from the SSPCA Animal Rescue Center. The staff explained that they scanned the chip of one cat found on the street and they saw her number and address. Kim couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I can’t describe this strange feeling. At that moment I didn’t understand whether to rejoice or cry. The world turned upside down – of course, in a good way,” the woman says.

The woman immediately came for the cat. She couldn’t hold back her tears when she saw her again. Tilly was picked up in a bad condition – she was emaciated and with some problems, but now she is sensitively cared for at the shelter. She is almost 20 years old, and for her age, she is holding up perfectly.

When Tilly gets better, the owner will be able to take her home. Kim is looking forward to this moment to spend long-awaited days with her beloved cat!

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