The woman with the most special tattoo in memory of her beloved dog

That’s a lovely way to remember your dog he’s with you always.

This is such a lovely memorial to your cherished animal companion. Sebastian, Anna Halcin’s beloved dog, and she were best friends for six years.

“He was and always will be precious to me. He liked grabbing my arm in a hug, and we were indeed the greatest of friends,” Halcin said.

One of the various ways Sebastian would show Halcin his affection was by placing his little paws around her arm at exactly the perfect time.

Sadly, Sebastian’s death in October of last year put an end to their time together.

Halcin had the tragic death of her beloved dog and was devastated. But in the middle of her sorrow, she thought of a lovely method to keep Sebastian near to her heart for all time.

She picked a design that embodied Sebastian’s favorite pose—the hug he would normally offer Halcin, now preserved in this creative homage.

Halcin said, “Every time I look down, it seems like he is holding me. It has greatly aided my ability to deal.” What a wonderful homage to her dear animal companion.

Even though Sebastian is no longer here, he still comforts Halcin and makes her smile whenever she needs it.

Since pets are considered members of the family and are never forgotten, it is crucial to show your love and devotion to them.

This is a lovely memorial, and only dog lovers can completely appreciate the connection between a pet and its owner.

The design is stunning, and it is obvious that Halcin adored Sebastian, who is now in canine paradise. Prayers and strength are being sent your way at this trying time.

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