The workers of the Elephant Care center decided to knit warm sweaters for rescued elephants

It is very important to do everything to provide a calm environment for these elephants and protect them.

Volunteers at the nearby Elephant Care Center decided to crochet some adorable sweaters for the elephants there because the winters in Northern India can become pretty chilly.

Since elephants are the biggest terrestrial animal in the world, it is actually not that simple.

One sweater takes more than four weeks to manufacture.

However, volunteers are ready to work hard to aid these creatures and provide them with quality care.

For these large creatures, knit clothing is incredibly cozy and comfy.

They are incredibly fashionable and give them a fresh life.

It is crucial to take all possible precautions to keep these elephants quiet and safeguard them from extreme cold, particularly during a hard winter.

These rescued animals are also vulnerable to illnesses like pneumonia since they are so frail and defenseless.

Their arthritis, a prevalent issue in the life of these rescued elephants, might also be made worse by the cold weather.

Thankfully, all those awful times that the gentle elephants had to endure are now in the past, and a wonderful new era has emerged to take their place.

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