The youngster who left the house and went lost was watched over by a devoted dog! (video)

It goes without saying that dogs care deeply for their owners, especially when it comes to young children. On the internet, a tale about a dog’s devotion to saving the life of a 5-year-old child has surfaced.

A little child with Down syndrome has vanished from his or her home. The child’s parents frantically searched the entire city for their son. Thankfully, the young child had his trusty canine companion with him. 

A young boy walking around railway cars with a dog was reported to Houston Police Department officers a few months ago. According to witnesses, the dog did not lag behind the youngster. Everywhere the boy went, he followed. Later, the police located them and made contact with the child’s relatives. 

“Witnesses claimed that the dog was always beside the youngster and that when he collapsed, the dog stuck his nose into his stomach in an apparent attempt to assist him. Eyewitnesses knew right away that the dog belonged to the youngster and that it wouldn’t hurt him”, according to police sergeant Ricardo Salas. 

“The dog followed us and wanted to go inside the car and sit next to the boy, but even after we put the boy in it, he did not flee. He served as his watchful angel. 


Does this not sound like a fairy tale? However, this is a real story.

“We believe that the little youngster observed the boy leave the house and decided to follow him after understanding that it was inappropriate for the child to leave the house alone,” Sgt. Houston Chronicle said. 


The boy’s mother called the sergeant after hearing the good news and started to congratulate him for his quick efforts. The sergeant was moved by the woman’s expression of thanks, but he acknowledged that their dog actually did the majority of the work in ensuring the boy’s safety.

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