“There are four of them!”: Quadruplet sisters recently celebrated their first birthday

The woman has always dreamt of becoming a mother, but never expected this!

Caroline, Darcy, Alexis, and Elisha were born prematurely at 30 weeks, and it’s hard to believe that they were all conceived from a single egg. Scientists estimate that this only happens once every 4,000 years. Justin and Christina met in a pub 12 years ago and got married three years later.

They both desired to have children but faced fertility challenges. “I always dreamed of being a mother,” Christina shares. Growing up in a small family, she wanted a large brood of her own. After their premarital fertility efforts proved futile, they turned to in vitro fertilization.

When the scan revealed that they were expecting triplets, they were ecstatic. However, they were taken aback when the professor confirmed that they were actually expecting quadruplets. “There are four of them!” Justin exclaimed after counting the heartbeats on the monitor. “I went from having no children to having four in an instant.”

Before having children, Justin worked as a driver while Christina was a nurse. However, Justin had to quit his job to take care of the kids since they couldn’t afford a babysitter on his income. “From now on, I’ll be changing diapers for the entire crew,” he said. They didn’t receive government assistance, so Christina planned to return to work after her maternity leave ends since her salary was higher than her husband’s.

Christina expressed her joy that complete strangers wanted to share in their happiness.

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