There was a video with a completely black penguin. He’s probably the only one like him on earth

Most recently, the team at Dynasties, a documentary series about the diversity of endangered wildlife, captured an all-black emperor penguin.

They posted the video on their YouTube channel.

Completely black plumage (with the exception of a couple of minor specks of white) is an extremely rare occurrence.

So rare that it is probably the only black penguin of its kind to have survived to this day.

Melanism is a mutation that makes a penguin look different from its other relatives. Because of her, the animal is in too serious danger.

Unfortunately, it is susceptible to predator attacks, as its unique plumage makes it impossible for it to hide.

The sex of the penguin has not yet been determined, but one thing is certain: he miraculously survived to this day, which makes him an even more valuable representative of the species.

Take a look at this miracle of nature:

Commentators on the video began to joke:

“Probably sells crack.”

“He’s an African Antarctician.”

“You don’t take your eyes off him. Otherwise, he’ll steal the bike.”

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