They didn’t allow the cat to enter the plane and this is what his genius owner decided to do

We are accountable for those we have tamed, goes a very good proverb.

Let’s begin our tale with these lines from Exupery’s poetry, which are more than simply words for many individuals.

Mikhail Galin, one of the protagonists in this tale and the owner of a cat by the name of Viktor, recently revealed on his Facebook page the voyage he took with his pet, which he described as being full of challenges.

With his cat by his side, he flew the Riga-Moscow-Vladivostok itinerary. Initially, the cat had no issues, but later encountered issues. He was really concerned about what had occurred.

Finally, when they got to Moscow and started getting ready for the following trip, some problems started to show up.

The friends were first taken aback by how rigid the airport staff was. He initially checked them before inquiring about the cat, but it was ineffective.

The problem is that his cat put on weight before to the journey, and because he now weighed 10 kilos, it may prohibit them from departing.

Because of this, the staff refused to let Viktor inside and even considered sending him to the trunk.

The guy explained to them that it would be extremely difficult for the cat to survive in the suitcase because he could not accept their choice.

He explained to them how the past flight’s pressure shift had an impact on the animal and made it hard for him to tolerate.

The owner had to take care that the animal didn’t pass out while being transported since he couldn’t let him be taken away.

Victor frequently grew weak, lost consciousness, and started to suffocate, therefore he needed to be looked after.

He then had an idea after spotting another cat. That appeared to be a victory for him, therefore he made the decision to try a quick ruse by using that cat’s weight as opposed to his Victor.

Guess what? The ruse was successful! When he was eventually permitted to do so, Mikhail and his companion traveled on.

Mikhail wouldn’t let anybody put them apart. Mikhail’s action made it clear that they were risking their flight to be together.

This anecdote of theirs received more than 10,000 likes when he posted it.

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