They notice a pup almost collapsing after giving birth in a construction

We need to be more attentive to construction areas as these are the places where mostly the stray animals are hiding.

As their population grows, the conditions of stray animals get worse with time, yet little is being done to help them. There are several street animals in every city that deal with numerous issues on a daily basis.

This unfortunate mother dog that had to give birth to her puppies on a building site serves as evidence for this statement. After giving delivery, she was almost out of breath.

Thankfully, Animal Help India, an animal rescue organization, discovered the dog and was able to transport the mother and her young to the hospital.

Regrettably, this is not the only instance of this sort; numerous stray animals also find sanctuary in similarly perilous locations.

Fortunately, a compassionate person who wanted to rescue the animal phoned the shelter to help save the mother and her young. They received medical care but then had to recuperate from a difficult and painful birth.

Thankfully, everything turned out alright, and the infants would grow up healthy and robust. In order to stop the growing number of stray puppies, the dog would be sterilized after her pups were no longer dependent on her for breastfeeding.

The poor mother was so exhausted that all she wanted to do was hold her tiny children and protect them till she passed away.

Yet, the nice woman who assisted them made this story’s joyful conclusion possible. After being rescued, their lives are taking a better turn.

And they will undoubtedly enjoy the standard of living that they have always earned. Construction zones require more of our attention because that’s where stray animals tend to hide out.

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