They thought they would never see their dog again, but instead, he came back with a big surprise…

The couple believed their dog was permanently gone and that they would never see him again.

But they had no idea what would come next. They were completely unprepared for that.

Bonnie hadn’t been home since Sunday, which caused the pair much sadness and concern.

Their dog, who is now 5 years old, was a really robust and healthy puppy.

Fortunately, their beloved dog came home later, and they were able to relax.

The dog, however, didn’t return to the house in the same manner that he had left it.

They observed a yellow band around the dog’s neck when he entered the residence.

According to the report, Bonnie finished third in the dog competition. They were only in awe at what they witnessed.

When they finally learned what had transpired, it was quite remarkable.

On his way to a show, John Wilmar suddenly became aware of the beagle mix. He had a brilliant idea at that very time.

He was intending to enter his own dog in the dog show that day, but he figured he may as well bring the beagle.

Who knows, perhaps he will triumph rather than his dog. As a result, he took part in the exhibition with two dogs.

He also managed to publish updates on Bonnie over that period on Facebook in an effort to track down his owners.

The dog eventually gained the title of “The Best Rescue Dog”. Bonnie took home the third-place reward, therefore it was also plenty.

It seems like Bonnie had gone out of her way that day to compete and win the tournament.

His parents were overjoyed with his accomplishment, and he wore the ribbon with great pride.

The dog showed a lot of potentials, and if he could place third without any training, imagine what the lovable animal could have accomplished with additional experience.

We anticipate seeing Bonnie at several additional shows in the coming future.

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