They told him not to move, and the dog waited a week before realizing they would not return

The dog was very loving.

Dogs are incredibly lovable animals that develop close relationships with their owners. They are expecting them to come back and look for them, thus leaving them is tough for them because of this.

A recent act of dog abandonment by a man on social media broke many people’s hearts. You’d have to be rather heartless to leave a helpless animal behind after agreeing to watch for it. Since humans are the only thing that matters to dogs and because caring for one as a pet involves a lot of responsibility, they do not deserve to be abandoned.

A man with a lovely German shepherd came to Russia and asked the driver to sit and stay by the side of the road. The dog followed without question and waited patiently for his owner to come back. But the man never came back. He was trying to get rid of the dog by using its strong loyalty to him.

The personnel of the nearby restaurant were present to see everything as it happened. Every day, employees of the restaurant fed and watered the puppy. Eventually, Elena Kniazeva learned the tragic tale and became determined to preserve the animal.

After giving him the name Luke, they approached him to gain his trust. The dog was incredibly affectionate, but despite the fact that more than a week had passed, he resisted moving to comply with the owner’s request who had abandoned him. Russian dog abandonment statistics are alarming. In Moscow alone, there are almost 35,000 puppies living on the streets.

Finally, Elena was able to win Luke over and convince him to join her. He was taken to a shelter by Elena, where the friendly dog made a lot of new friends. Despite his hardship, he kept his faith in people and conveyed his thanks to those who helped him when he most needed it.

Russians regularly offer stray dogs temporary refuge throughout the winter despite high desertion rates. Although he was first wary, he quickly proved to be a fairly nice dog who got along well with the other dogs. Dennis, another dog that Elena had rescued, and he became fast friends.

Luke’s life has undergone a drastic change. After remaining in the same spot where his owner had abandoned him for a week, he appeared brand-new among all the activity at the shelter. The greatest, though, was yet to come. Luke and Dennis are both four years old.

After her story went viral, she quickly found the person she was looking for to join her family. Together with her loving friend Dennis, he was chosen for adoption by Meredith Andrew, and Cause 4 Paws Toronto is now making arrangements for the happy companions to relocate to their new home in Canada.

They just upped the $2,000 estimated cost of the trip to Canada. The terrible days of these two gorgeous puppies are over, and they now have a loving family that won’t leave them inhumanely. Luke started a new life, putting his difficult past behind him and sharing joy with a family that really loves him and a dog who became his life mate.

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