Thirteen-year-old Naomi gained worldwide fame thanks to her incredible height of 190 cm

The tallest girl in the world lives in Great Britain. Naomi Lovell was different from her peers from birth, and by the age of 13, her height was more than 180 cm. It is not difficult to guess what unpleasant nicknames her classmates gave Naomi. By the graduation class, the girl had grown up, and her height was 201 cm. Thus, the young girl is the tallest in the family. I would like to note that the height of her dad is only 188 cm.

As Naomi, herself says, ridicule against her was not only from her classmates, but even ordinary passers-by did not let her pass. In addition to the fact that they looked at her in surprise, some thought that Naomi was on stilts. Therefore, they came up and beat on the legs. The teachers from the school, who periodically joked about the student, did not stay aside either.

The childhood of a young girl was short-lived, as many thought that she was already an adult.

Until the age of 22, Naomi did not date guys, despite the fact that many guys write to her on the social network Instagram. The torment over appearance and height would most likely have continued, but the girl was noticed by one modeling agency and offered her cooperation.

The first photo session was organized by Naomi’s mother. All this was conceived in order for the girl to stop complexing and feel liberated. After the published photos, the girl was noticed and offered to conclude a contract. Now Naomi can start a new life as a famous model with a clear conscience.

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