This cat ran into a burning building 5 times to save her babies

Humans go above and beyond to ensure the security of their children. 

This cat managed to save her children from a fire despite the dangerous circumstances. 

People watched her removing each kitten from the flames one at a time. 

She ultimately had to enter the building five more times before all the infants were secured. She couldn’t see them, so she felt their noses to make sure they were still alive.

 Following that, Scarlett the cat passed out. 

Her ears and paws were scorched, and she suffered blistering eyes. Her coat has significant damage. 

The mother and her children received the necessary medical attention. 

Unfortunately, one of the infants passed away. Others located their permanent residences. 

She was the subject of several publications, including “Scarlett Saved her Family” and “The Bravest Cat.” 

She was cared for by a Brooklyn family till she passed away in 2008. 

The North Shore Animal League, where she and her babies were cared for, established an award after her.


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