This cheerful dog never lacks for an occasion to beam

Meet Chevy, a nine-year-old Spitz who resides in Kettering with his owners. Chevy’s upbeat outlook on life helped him become a local celebrity. 

“Chevy always has a positive attitude. He was never upset or angry in our eyes. He is even capable of smiling. He is content if we visit the park. Another reason to be happy is if we are going to have dinner.” Tina Markum Denlinger, Chevy’s mother, told The Dodo, “We have such a positive dog”. 

Chevy and his folks go camping. He also has a unique little headgear that shields his eyes from the glaring light in this instance. And each time you wear this hat, Chevy’s mood instantly improves. He enjoys going on excursions in the golf cart with me, according to Denlinger. 

Dogs’ cheerful expressions alter when they are cold or hungry, and parents can see right away if anything is wrong. 

However, if you feed and warm him, a good mood will be there till dusk. Everyone Chevy encounters on the street is charmed by his contagious smile. It’s impossible not to return this cutie’s smile. 

Let’s send Chevy many blessings and reasons to grin. May he continue to be such a sweetie.

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