This couple had a unique baby with unearthly eyes

Social media users are going crazy looking at pictures of little Kaia, the four-year-old daughter of American football player Michael Bennett.

The girl was born in 2015 and immediately became a real star on Instagram and Twitter.

The secret of the miracle girl is that her dad is African American, and her mother is European. The child has blond hair and blue eyes, while she is a mulatto. Everyone considers the unusual appearance of the baby a real miracle of nature.

Today, Kaya has her own microblog. Of course, his mother is leading, but the parents are sure that as soon as the daughter has her own phone, she will be able to take over and continue what she started. The number of subscribers, I must say, is growing every day.

Interest in young beauty is shown by the leading modeling agencies of the world. True, so far – for children, but after all, Kaya is still a child. However, no one doubts her bright modeling future. After all, the appearance of the girl is truly unique!

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