This dog discovered abandoned kittens in a pile of leaves and adopted them

Victoria from Maryland went out to walk her dog Turbo before work three weeks ago. It was a cold wet morning, and the woman heard a faint squeak as soon as she left the home.

After a little search, she stumbled and discovered a tiny red kitten laying on the path. Turbo the dog leaped up and rushed to a pile of old leaves in the corner of the yard as she grabbed him up in her arms. Two more kittens appeared.

The kittens were drenched and freezing. The cat was nowhere to be found, and she hadn’t approached the youngsters in several hours. The kittens appeared to be in poor health and need immediate medical intervention. Victoria took the day off from work and headed to the veterinarian clinic with the kittens.

Victoria took the kittens home after the clinic and made them a nice, comfy bed. There were three kittens, all with bright red fur and white markings.

Dog Turbo quickly started spinning around the kittens, seeking to join in on their breastfeeding.

The kittens were already alert and alert with wide eyes.

Turbo is now always surrounded by these kittens, who rapidly adore him back by playing with and resting close to the dog.

This does not surprise Victoria. She stated that Turbo is a therapy dog (engaging in animal therapy sessions) and that she and Turbo recently visited Down’s syndrome patients. Turbo is friendly and loving with both humans and kittens.

The dog always acts peacefully so as not to alarm apprehensive people, and kittens follow the same pattern of behavior.

The kittens are swiftly growing up, and Victoria is seeking permanent homes for them.

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