This dog was abused by its owner but fortunately, it found a safe new home next to a toddler

This adorable dog has discovered a home where it feels safe.

Because of their sincerity and purity, dogs deserve our love and attention. Meet 11-month-old Archie and Nora, his canine buddy. They have been devoted to one another and have been inseparable since they first met.

Nora, an 8-year-old English girl, is not only little Archie’s devoted companion but also “comes from Elizabeth Spence’s childhood past and loves almost everything,” according to Archie’s mother.

Archie and Nora are always paired up. The warmth emanating from the little infant makes Nora feel safe and at ease.

They get along well, the two of them. Archie never cries and Nora frequently approaches the infant to comfort him.

“Nora will wait for Archie on the bath mat if he is having a shower. She enjoys joining me when I nurse him while she sits on my lap. Even when he raids my cabinets and dumps all the dishes on the floor, she is always there to encourage him, according to Archie’s mother.

Archie and Nora like getting dressed up, participating in family events and cuddling together for a relaxing afternoon sleep.

Elizabeth spent a great amount of time photographing the tender hugs they shared. Nora shows us that no of our background, our family can provide us the support we need to get through any challenge.

Nora’s predicament may have become worse if not for the goodwill of Archie’s mother and Archie’s welcome of Nora into their family.

This endearing picture shows the connection between people and animals.

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