This is the most wonderful dog performance you will ever see on AGT (video)

Falco and Lukas are making a second appearance on America’s Got Talent. While they appeared on the show in the fourteenth season, Simon thought highly of it and Howie did not.

When they made it to the last round but lost in the 14th season, they even received a standing ovation from Simon.

They used props with a Top Gun motif and performed in The Heat Is On. With their season 14 performance, they captured the hearts of Americans.

Afterward, they appeared on additional talent shows and performed. To demonstrate Howie’s inadequacy to Falco, they returned this season.

Before quitting, this tiny jumping bean had his last performance, and he went all out.

At the age of 13, Falco was crawling through some difficult exercises, running reverse flips away from Lukas, and a two-leap rope trick.

Demonstrating to Howie that even seasoned dogs may pick up new skills.

Turner, Falco’s stuntman brother, took over to execute the dangerous acts, which included a leap over Lukas’s back and a high plank walk.

Turner had his paws on Lukas’ feet as soon as they descended off the platform in the front. Joke, his younger brother, and Falco sprinted outside to join them.

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