This isn’t a crumpled blanket, believe me. This is a lovely small puppy

So netizens have a new favorite: Harvey, a Shar-Pei. The child became the epitome of all breeders’ efforts centered on the fashion of this breed. Teresa Arguimbau, his owner, is completely obsessed with these folds!

So, the first objective is to locate the dog in this photo.

Historical fact: Shar-Pei forebears were hunting and fighting dogs. However, Harvey has nothing to do with this. He is incredibly kind, warm, and sensitive to the touch, and he has a remarkable skin for a Shar-Pei – nearly without wool.

Harpy is only  6 months.

His folds are adorable, but they pose a dilemma for the dog since they are quite susceptible. For instance, if a puppy drinks some water and it gets into the folds and does not flow out if the mother dog does not wait it out or the mistress does not wipe it off. Also, creams should be applied to the skin along the creases at least once every two days. The most difficult aspect is the hygienic requirements, but Teresa enjoys caring for her pet.

How many folds do you notice in the image?

Unfortunately, Harpy suffers from eyesight issues as a result of the folds, since the skin surrounding the eyes droops excessively from birth, and the pups see virtually nothing. A veterinarian performs surgery to cure this condition.

Don and Louis are the Harpy brothers.

Shar-Pei Harvey is now well-known on the island of Menorca, where he lives with his mistress, and he has a large following on social media.

The dog just adores walking on the beach and playing in the sand, which complicates bathing, but what can you not do for your loving pet?

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