This little girl was made fun of at school because of being overweight – but today she is unrecognizable

A baby named Breanna Bond has become the butt of ridicule in her class after jumping from 45 to 85 kilograms in just a year.

And the reason for such an impressive gain is by no means health problems, but a banal love for junk food. Parents, not realizing what this is fraught with, pampered their baby with her favorite sweets – chocolate, donuts, and buns. And several times a week, the girl had a tight lunch at fast food.

Mom and dad sounded the alarm only when the mark on the scales of their 10-year-old daughter jumped over 80 kilograms. Then there was a whole bunch of tests and a verdict: the girl is completely healthy, she just needs to reduce the number of calories consumed. From that moment on, Breanna had to go on a special diet.

Also, physical activity appeared in the girl’s life, she took up swimming and volleyball – what is needed for a growing body. Of course, in the first couple, it was very difficult, Breanna was very offended by her parents for limiting her so much.

However, soon all the efforts were more than paid off – the schoolgirl said goodbye to 34 extra kilos and began to feel noticeably better. In addition, she made many friends.

Today, Breanna is 14 years old. She does not adhere to a strict diet, but she limits her intake of junk food and continues to achieve new success in sports. And in her free time from studying and training, she helps the same girls get rid of food addiction.

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