This man saved the female wolf and her cubs, after 4 years the pack itself found him…

This story took place in 1941 on Kupriyanov Island in Alaska. This quiet peaceful place became the stage for an amazing event. One man, engaged in the search for gold, walked along a small river. On the way, he noticed that there was someone among the trees. Fear instantly took over his body when he saw a huge wolf. But looking closer, it became clear that the animal had fallen into a trap. Daring to come closer, the man noticed that the wolf was actually a female wolf. You could see it in her swollen nipples. The gold digger suggested that somewhere nearby there must be a flock of wolf cubs waiting for their mother. The man did not dare to release the she-wolf and decided to first find the cubs.

Fortunately, the tracks of the she-wolf were still visible in the snow, and he followed them. After walking some distance, the tracks became much larger. Finally, in the bushes, he saw a wolf hole. Running up to her, the man hoped that the cubs were still alive and his hopes were justified. All wolf cubs were healthy and unharmed. It was obvious that they were very hungry.

The gold digger quickly stuffed the babies into a bag and carried them to where their mother lay. Approaching the she-wolf, she suddenly howled, smelling the scent of her cubs. Then the man released the cubs and they rushed to their mother to eagerly suck her milk.

The situation gradually worsened. The trap each time dug deeper into the paw and the wound became deeper. The she-wolf did not trust the man and growled menacingly at every approach. The man remembered that on his way he met the corpse of a deer. He returned to that place and after a while began to feed the captive, throwing pieces of meat at her. It began to get dark and the man decided to spend the night. He cut some branches and built himself a shelter for the night. In the morning, wolf cubs woke him up, they sniffed him and licked his face and hands. The she-wolf was still hostile. Therefore, it was necessary to win her trust in order to get the animal out of the trap. He had to talk to her, throw food and play with the cubs in front of her eyes.

It was already the end of the second day. Finally, the man noticed that the she-wolf began to wag her tail slightly. At dawn on the third day, he was awakened by the squeals of puppies sucking milk. He approached, leaned over, and stroked. Their mother was already calmly looking at it. Then the man gently put his hand on the paw stuck in the trap and pressed the trap with force. The trap has opened. The prisoner quickly jumped out and limped. But instead of hiding with the cubs in the forest, she suddenly began to approach the man, lowering her head, as if expressing gratitude. At that moment, the gold digger realized that the time had come to leave the she-wolf with her children and went in the other direction. After walking several hundred meters, he still saw that the rescued family was looking after him.

Four years have passed since then. Much has happened over the years, but life turned so that he returned to Kupriyanov Island again. Here the memories of the past returned and he decided to visit the place where everything happened. Along the way, he witnessed something even more unexpected. A wolf howl came from the top of the hill. He could make out a dark shape slowly approaching him. It was a wolf. A shiver ran through his body, but he realized that the animal seemed very familiar to him, it was the same she-wolf. She stood ten meters away from him and wagged her tail, then turned around and howled loudly.

Another surprise awaited the man – a group of wolves came to the neighboring peak. “Perhaps these are her children,” the man thought. The she-wolf stood a little longer and went to her relatives. Since then, our hero has never seen them again. But always, when he heard a wolf’s howl, he remembered what had happened to him with warmth. This incident will forever remain in his heart.

This amazing story proves that friendship between a man and a wild animal is still possible.

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