This model is still in demand and it has millions of contracts. Did you recognize her?

Most often, the career of models turns out to be short-lived, because the difficult process of filming and heavy workloads greatly affect their appearance and health. In addition, many models sit on various diets, which subsequently exhaust the body.

But today we would like to talk about a fashion model who does not hesitate to appear before the public in a not very attractive way. She can appear on the red carpet in absolutely any outfit, absolutely not worrying about what others think of her. You may have already guessed that today we will talk about Heidi Klum.

At 47, she looks incredibly attractive, despite the fact that the supermodel is the mother of four children.

Heidi has a great sense of humor, by the way, Halloween is one of the most favorite celebrity holidays. Any appearance of her in public on this day causes a strong reaction.

Her main task is to make up so that no one would guess that it was her. For example, when she appeared in the image of an old woman, the photographers did not even immediately recognize a famous model in her, until one of the model’s assistants hinted to reporters that this was Klum.

And in a monkey costume, it turned out to be even more difficult to recognize her. Such a multifaceted and extraordinary personality is Heidi Klum.

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