This mother gave birth to octuplets ten years ago. Here’s how they look like now

Nadia Suleman, now Natalie Suleman, initially made headlines in 2009 when she gave birth to octuplets. Initially, the world appreciated this medical achievement, but media emphasis soon shifted to criticism.

Suleman became a caricature of a man dubbed “Eight Mom” by the media. The delivery of octuplets “in vitro” from an anonymous donor, followed by the birth of six more children (from the same donor), sparked months of debate over Suleman’s intentions, the ethical implications of having children, and even the mental health of the mother of 14 children.

She only intended to have one kid, but the doctor placed 12 embryos in her, despite the knowledge that they were unlikely to survive. As a result of this circumstance, Natalie gave birth to octuplets.

Many Americans couldn’t understand why Suleman, who already had six children, needed in vitro fertilization to have eight more. Many people have the unavoidable notion that a lady had so many children for monetary reasons.

Suleman returned to her adult film profession to feed the octuplets when they were a year old. Soon after, he became addicted to drugs and entered treatment. Suleman and her extended family have vanished from the public eye since 2013. So, where are they today, and how are they doing?

Natalie lives in a modest three-bedroom townhouse in the Los Angeles suburbs. For a group of 15, there are just three bathrooms. Natalie estimates that housekeeping costs $5,000 each month. The government only provides her with $1,500 in food handouts.

A woman with several children claims that her entire family rises at about 6:20 a.m. They board a Super Duty van after breakfast and head to school with their mother as the driver. 14 students attend six different schools. Then mother brings the kids home from school, they finish their homework, and go to bed around 8:30 p.m. They share a bed since there aren’t enough beds for everyone.

The “eight,” as they are popularly known, frequently assist in the preparation of supper. Suleman feels her children’s lack of colds and other childhood diseases is due to the fact that her entire family is vegan.

Weekends provide more pleasure and leisure time for youngsters. Every Saturday, there is a family night with vegan cuisine and a movie. Older children not only study and play with their peers, but they also assume more responsibility for their younger siblings. Suleman admits to being melancholy, and her eldest daughter Amer, now 16, claims her mother seldom gathers the entire family.

Dr. Kamrava, an Iranian national, was stripped of his US medical license in 2011 following an examination concerning the transfer of eight embryos. After an unsuccessful appeal in 2016, he was unable to practice and fled the country.

The inquiry was carried out since there is clear medical advice that transferring more than two embryos is not recommended. Twins are 12 times more likely to be born prematurely, 16 times more likely to be underweight, and five times more likely to have respiratory issues than single embryos. Ms. Suleman’s children are autistic, one has a cleft lip, and several are too young for their age.

“Octomom was established by the media,” the Octomom said, refusing to tell how much the National Enquirer or Star paid her. I feel that the majority of the media fabricates fakes. This animation was made by them.” “Once I finally got away from all the pretense,” she continued nervously, “I was able to be myself.”

Natalie has had multiple plastic surgeries: she had her breasts expanded after having to breastfeed three children, and she had liposuction after giving birth to octuples. “The operation did not affect my face, but I had a lip augmentation in 2008, and it looked dreadful.” “I felt very humiliated and ashamed,” recounts the mother of numerous children.

Natalie claims to be a full-time consultant, however, she has later said that she is family-focused and relies on government assistance “International photoshoots are available.”

She is an excellent single mother. “If I wanted to, I would have a partner. I’m simply another human. I’m simply unique. I believe I am out of the ordinary.”

Her critiques are not mute, but Natalie values the opinions of a small group of individuals. “All that counts to me is that my children think I’m a decent mommy.”

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