This sisters in their 90s take care of their eldest sister

This is the true power of unconditional love!

This 97-year-old lady found out she had only a few days to live. Learning about her condition, the four sisters of the woman hurried to be by her side and take care of her. They wanted the last few days of their beloved sister be full of love ad affection. They gave her a reason to enjoy her life.

True love knows no limits. When things fall apart, love makes us grateful for what we already have. Tis wonderful story of five sisters made everyone believe in unconditional love.

It wasn’t difficult for the sisters to get plane tickets and visit their sister. They did their best to make her happy, showing all their love and care to Hauff. They categorically refused to leave her even for a second.

The woman’s granddaughter was really touched by such an act. The old lady wished to stay at hope in the company of her lovely sisters.

Surprisingly, the woman managed to live a few more months. This made the family really happy.

The touching story of the sisters could not leave anyone indifferent.

As Hauff explained later, all five sisters had always been close to each other. There has always been a strong bond between them.

Her granddaughter promised she would love and care about her sibling the way these sisters do.

The sisters used to do everything together: went shopping, church, and the gym together. They didn’t live together, but managed to chat with each other every day.

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