This stunning wild cat attracts attention as she strolls down the street

Allison Burton witnessed a large fluffy animal walking through the streets near her Canadian home. She initially mistook it for a dog. 

She double-checked and discovered it was a lynx. 

Burton stated that just being able to see that magnificent animal up close captivated her. 

Fortunately, Allison had a camera with her and was able to photograph the lynx. The wild cat was not in a hurry, and the lady was able to capture these stunning images. Others came to admire this lovely creature as well. 

The lynx walked calmly down the road, allowing everyone to admire her stunning beauty.

“It was just so majestic and happy to be in its own little world, doing its own thing,” Burton said. 

The lynx eventually vanished into the woods, where he belonged. 

Burton was taken with those few minutes of beauty, which she will not soon forget. 

It was an incredible experience because a lynx does not walk past someone’s house every day.

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